About us:

Mercury Grail is small company located in heart of capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. Company was established 2008 by Andres Zoran Ivanovic original from Slovenia, living in Iceland in since 1988.

Our experience is rich of services for different types of tourist, but mostly are our customers family people, business people, seniors, private and organized groups. Other type of groups or individuals are welcome of course.
Iceland can be your country to travel in case you are nature lover so here are thousands of waterfalls, lakes, mountains and mostly is country wild, so you can´t find all in one so easy as in Iceland.
Photographers can shot endless in any place of country. Hiking is very popular elsewhere in the world and Iceland is not step back. Horse riding is traditional so to ride Icelandic pony can be special feeling. But if you are looking for attraction in Disneyland, our country can not be your odestination.
Company is established 2008 and growing constantly since, so our goal is nobody may leave country disappointed.

We are organizing custom made tours to several adventures country offering. Whale watching, day riding tours, nature researching, photo tourism, northern light hunting, caravan riding as many of you have only seen in films with John Wayn.

Secondary business in company is on area of sacred geometry and geomancy. Deeper analyzes based on human body are not far away from geomancy, so it is reason more why we can make best spiritual tour in Iceland.

Mercury Grail ehf is not connecting on any way with bank collapse in 2008 so owner is very proud to stay alone out of banking box.













Mercury Grail ehf.

Andres Zoran Ivanovic

Hjálmholt 8

Reykjavik, Iceland

tel: +354 8624200

email: andres@mercury-grail.com