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Mercury Grail is a small company located in the heart of Iceland’s capital – Reykjavik. Our company was founded in 2008 by Andres Zoran Ivanovic, a Slovenian native who ended up loving Iceland so much, he moved there permanently in 1988. As many know, Iceland is renowned for its natural beauty with Northern Lights, picturesque waterfalls, lakes, mountains and unspoiled countryside. At Mercury Grail, we offer a wide range of custom tours and experiences to fit the needs and wishes of our travelers. We offer group tours and family tours as well as custom private tours lasting anywhere from a few hours to all day. Andres’ many years experience as a tour guide and his vast knowledge of ‘everything Islandic’ ensures the traveler(s) that each tour will be entertaining, informative and adventurous. From all day island tours and/or nature exploration with endless photo opportunities to whale watching and Northern Lights hunting, we do it all! Please contact us so we can help make your visit to Iceland an unforgettable experience.

The company was established in2008 and is growing constantly since then. Our main goal is to overcome the people’s expectations in their trip in Iceland.

Which kind of tours do we have?

We are organizing custom made tours to several destinations in Iceland with different types of experiences. For example we have tours for Whale watching, day riding tours, nature researching, photo tourism, Northern Lights hunting and caravan riding as many of you have seen in movies with John Wayn.

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Secondary business in company is on area of sacred geometry and geomancy. Deeper analyzes based on human body are not far away from geomancy, so it is a reason more why we can make best spiritual tour in Iceland.


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