Blue lagoon and golden circle in one day

Feel our country with us!

On this tour we decided to combine the geothermal area of Grindavik where the Blue Lagoon is the biggest highlight and the Golden Circle route. The Golden Circle is probably the most popular route of tourism in Iceland’s south country side. In this route you will visit the National Park of Þingvellir, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall.

How is our tour?

This day tour is going to start from Reykavik, heading to Þingvellir National Park which is situated on two tectonic plates. The Western one is the American plate while the Eastern one is EuroAsian. Þhingvellir National park is commemorated and remembered; it is huge and has its own lake.

Facts about Þingvellir

The significant feature here, however, is an ancient parliament and church. It is worth noting that in the English language, Þingvellir means assembly plains. These two words are only representing nearly 1000 years history in this area. Upwards, downfalls of country, as the importance for the  area,    for citizen and rest of Europe.

 Geysir and Gullfoss

Our visitors will also take a break in the Geysir area for some coffee or brunch and thereafter, we will proceed to Gullfoss waterfall.

This  waterfall, Gulllfoss,  will be our eastern point of this day tour.

Gullfoss is actually two separate waterfalls, the upper one has a drop of 11 metres and the lower one 21 metres. The rock of the river bed was formed during an interglacial period.gullfoss iceland

These days men are prone to make the claim, and not without good reason,that our country’s waterfalls hold much of the nation’s potential for the future,Based upon values measured in kilowatt-hours.But it is also essential for our nation’s welfare in the futurethat we remember that the country’s waterfalls also hold a potentialon which we cannot place monetary value,that of hours of pleasure

The next stop we make will be in Hveragerði town and from there, we will drive to South West Icelandic coast to the Reykanes peninsula. This is a large area and Blue lagoon, which is our destination, is at the edge of Grindavík town.

Facts about the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is an exceptional area in the world, offering natural wonders. Located against a lovely lava valley, the warm, creamy blue waters invite us to take a dip in this world-popular geothermal pool.

When the outside is 5°C, making it chilly, this 30°C dip can offer a wonderful treat. Also, lathering on the silica mud which is rich in minerals is believed to work wonders on the skin!

This is going to be our last stay on this tour except when travelers desire to experience and view elves and dwarfs in Hafnarfjörður!

Our tourists will choose whether to stop or not in areas related to Icelandic legends since spirits and beings are not proven to exist.

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