Ever heared abour Corona virus Covid-19?

Feel our country with us!

Ever heared abour Corona virus Covid-19?

March 1, 2020 Tours Coronavirus Covid-19 Day tours 0

We aren’t in doubt you haven’t heard about Corona virus, Covid-19. Iceland is a fantastic place for holiday since temperatures are never high and viruses

Mercury Grail Coronavirus post Covid-19

Mercury Grail Coronavirus post-Covid-19

 can´t survive in an easy way as Iceland is on big part covered with ice.
Visitors travelling with us in the wintertime will be able to walk in the storm, so all viruses not only Coronavirus, Covid-19 can disappear on that way. And yes. We prescribe a high dosage of C vitamin and Oregano. It is something pharmacy won´t tell you.
In the history of the planet no one virus started that much north on 66 degrees north, so we have reason to continue our job, even expand touring elsewhere in Iceland.

Mercury Grail

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