Northern lights from September 2023 to April 2024

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The winter travel season is heading up in September 2023 until April 2024 and is mostly based on the Aurora borealis better known as Northern Lights.

Northern lights are winter spectale in Iceland

The best time of the year to see this natural phenomena is from the beginning of September to the beginning of April each year.  During these months there are 100 days with a very good probability to catch Northern Lights. We are talking about January, February and March. Can you imagine the New Year’s Eve with the skies colored with green? In fact the months with stronger activity and light are February and March.We are often asked about direction of northern lights from Reykjavík.   It is not good to say with advance, since  kind of tours are followed by chances and weather on booked day.   We can go far from Reykjavík, but it can also be we wouldn’t need to drive that much.   To increase chances we also recommend two tours.  First one is South coast tour. In winter time, we can catch norther light on the way back to Reykjavík.Another tour is Golden circle and Secret lagoon with northern lights on the way to Reykjavík, or we do another tour later that evening after dinner.    We like very much further questions, since we people are different, somebody less, somebody more experienced in travel, and we all have a different interest, so here we are for you.

Facts about the Northern Lights

From mythology and old scripts we can find out that scientists and people wondered in thousands of years about green lines over the skies.

In northern country, the effect is known as the Aurora Borealis, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. The Eskimos believe that they are the souls of animals. Some even believe that as the auroras dance closer to those who are watching them and they will envelop you and take you to the heavens. Many believe that it is a sign that the spirits of their loved ones are still close and are watching over them always.


Aurora Borealis is around midnight when Iceland’s Aurora Oval is said to pass over the observer.

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